5/13/14: Neighborhood Meeting on Saloon 45 (confirmed)

Commissioner Mike Feldstein (2B01) and I have set up a neighborhood meeting to have an open discussion with neighbors and Saloon 45 representatives (including David Stephens, proprietor).  This meeting is now confirmed.

When?  This Tuesday evening 6:45pm-7:45pm

Where?  International Student House (18th and R Streets NW)

Why?  The purpose of the open discussion will be to learn more about the application, to facilitate the owners and neighbors getting to know each other, and to allow for information sharing and feedback about the license, the process, and any concerns people may have.

Background/Details:  Further background and details on the application can be found on my prior blog post here.

Please note that Saloon 45 will be on the ANC’s agenda for our May 19, 2014 overflow meeting at SAIS (1717 Mass Ave NW, Room 500) from 7pm to 9pm.  At that meeting, the ANC will only be able to dedicate about 10 minutes or so to the application and discussion, because of the number of regulatory and other items on our May agendas.

Please also help us by thanking the International Student House profusely for allowing us to use their space for free!



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