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Further update on Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool

This is an update to two prior posts on the Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool application (here and here). The ANC did indeed pass a resolution of protest (available here), in order to facilitate a discussion among all the parties and neighbors that worked together on the original 2011 Voluntary Agreement. Parties to the existing … Continue reading

Update on Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool

In anticipation of the ANC meeting later this week, owner David von Storch from Vida Fitness shared some materials with the ANC and neighbors related to Vida’s new request for “substantial change” to the existing liquor license to the “Penthouse Pool” on the roof.  More details about the new request are available in my prior post … Continue reading

New request from Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool

Vida Fitness’ “Penthouse Pool” on U Street has a new request (for “substantial change”) for its existing liquor license for the outdoor rooftop pool space.  The request is to (1) add the fourth floor interior space to the designated premises for alcohol service/consumption and (2) add an entertainment endorsement for live music and/or DJ during … Continue reading