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Draft Proposed Resolution on Saloon 45 Application

Below is a draft proposed resolution on the Saloon 45 application for the May 19th ANC meeting.  Please bear in mind that this is a draft of a proposed resolution for the ANC’s consideration as a whole.  No action is final until the ANC votes on it in an open meeting. Resolution Protesting New Alcohol License … Continue reading


Bar Charley public meeting 1/15/14

Commissioner Mike Feldstein and I, along with community members involved, have organized an open community meeting to discuss the Bar Charley application for extended hours.  The idea is to have a more full discussion than is possible at an ANC meeting, where — because of so many regulatory applications to review — there is often … Continue reading

Bar Charley comments received by email

Stakeholders have asked about the comments I received regarding Bar Charley’s request for extended hours.  To help synthesize and order them, I put together a short document with excerpts from each comment I received and where the resident lives in proximity to Bar Charley.  I split the comments out by pro/con (or compromise), as well … Continue reading