Supporting Nicole Mann for 2B08 Commissioner

As I wrote earlier this year, I’m retiring from the ANC and will not be on the ballot next week. I support Nicole Mann for 2B08 Commissioner. Nicole was one of our final two outstanding candidates for our Deschaine Community Involvement Fellow position about a year-and-a-half ago – a position that focuses on public outreach … Continue reading


Further updates on Saloon 45 / Swann Dive matter

There are several updates on the Saloon 45 matter: Letter of Support from Jack Evans:  Our Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans has submitted a letter supporting the protest and asking the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board to full-out deny the new license application.  The letter is here.  This is highly unusual, because normally Council Members … Continue reading

Plum Blossom / Mimosa (Updated!)

Mr. Ha’s Plum Blossom has now changed name to be “Mimosa.”  The switch seems to have taken place over the weekend of July 12-13.  [Update:  The name has changed back to Plum Blossom.] Several questions have arisen regarding changes to the business: Why wasn’t there public notice of the change?  A liquor license may be … Continue reading

ANC 2B mid-year retreat survey

The last several years, the Dupont ANC has had one or two “retreats” each year — the purpose of which is to take a step back and think about goal-setting, objectives, strategic planning, organizational development, and how we work together as Commissioners. In past retreats, we have talked about workload management, improving public outreach, projects and issues where … Continue reading

Further update on Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool

This is an update to two prior posts on the Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool application (here and here). The ANC did indeed pass a resolution of protest (available here), in order to facilitate a discussion among all the parties and neighbors that worked together on the original 2011 Voluntary Agreement. Parties to the existing … Continue reading