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Our comprehensive neighborhood parking survey

Cross-posted at In a dense, mixed-use, urban neighborhood such as Dupont Circle, parking is an issue that is guaranteed to generate controversy — because it touches upon so many competing policies, interests, and judgments about value and fairness: the use of public space, local business development, environmental sustainability, multi-modal transportation options, smart growth, aging-in-place, and employment, … Continue reading

Bar Charley public meeting 1/15/14

Commissioner Mike Feldstein and I, along with community members involved, have organized an open community meeting to discuss the Bar Charley application for extended hours.  The idea is to have a more full discussion than is possible at an ANC meeting, where — because of so many regulatory applications to review — there is often … Continue reading

Lauriol Plaza Valet Parking Issues

As some of you know, the Lauriol Plaza valet parking situation can range from being a nuisance to being a safety hazard.  When traffic backs up and blocks the intersection, emergency vehicles cannot pass. Before the 18th Street reconstruction began in 2010, I hosted a meeting with Lauriol Plaza management, DDOT Public Space officials, and … Continue reading