New liquor license application: Saloon 45

There is a new liquor license application in our Single Member District (2B08), at the site of Sandy’s Flowers (corner of 18th and Swann).

The CityPaper blurb on this new application is here, and the Prince of Petworth write-up is here.

Enclosed here is the official application notice and information from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Agency (ABRA): [SALOON 45 Placard Notice]

Given the timelines for protest, this application will be on the MAY 14TH meeting of the ANC.

The application is for an establishment without a kitchen, with a 36-person summer garden (back exterior space) and another 40-person interior occupancy, with maximum hours (until 2am on weeknights and 3am on weekends).  The application calls for maximum hours for both the interior and exterior.

The ANC normally does not support any application where exterior space near residents goes beyond 11pm on weeknights and 12am on weekends — which is what the neighboring back exterior space at Bar Charley has.

My proposal to the ANC will be to protest this application as it currently stands.  Commissioner Mike Feldstein (2B01) and I will be in touch with the applicant to discuss changes in hours for the application, and to understand the business plan better.  I will re-post additional information and also likely pass around flyers to nearby residents as the ANC meeting draws closer.




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