Further updates on Saloon 45 / Swann Dive matter

There are several updates on the Saloon 45 matter:

  • Letter of Support from Jack Evans:  Our Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans has submitted a letter supporting the protest and asking the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board to full-out deny the new license application.  The letter is here.  This is highly unusual, because normally Council Members do not get involved in liquor license requests.  The only other time in recent memory that Council Member Evans sent such a letter was when we (the ANC) protested Marrakesh Palace (P Street) in their license renewal three years ago, when Marrakesh had different ownership and had been consistently problematic.  It was the only renewal (out of over 200) that we protested during that renewal cycle.  Many thanks go to Council Member Evans’ staff member Tom Lipinsky for his work on this issue.
  • Protest Hearing 8/6/14:  The Saloon 45 protest hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, August 6th.
  • Protest Information Forms:  In advance of the hearing, the protestant groups have filed their Protest Information Form (PIF) to the ABC Board.  Enclosed here is the PIF from ANC 2B.  Enclosed here is the PIF from the group of 5 or more residents.
  • Change of Name:  In addition, Saloon45 has applied to change its applicant name and trade name to “Swann Dive.”  That application is here.  That name change request will be considered by the Board at the same time as the protest hearing on August 6th.

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