Draft Proposed Resolution on Saloon 45 Application

Below is a draft proposed resolution on the Saloon 45 application for the May 19th ANC meeting.  Please bear in mind that this is a draft of a proposed resolution for the ANC’s consideration as a whole.  No action is final until the ANC votes on it in an open meeting.

Resolution Protesting New Alcohol License Application for Saloon 45

Whereas, Saloon 45 has applied for a new CT (tavern) license for the space at 1821 18th Street NW (formerly housing Sandy’s Flowers);

Whereas, the application requests interior hours until 2:00am Monday through Thursday and 3:00am Friday and Saturday;

Whereas, the application requests exterior hours (summer garden) until 2:00am Monday through Thursday and 3:00am Friday and Saturday, which exceed the Commission’s guidelines for outdoor space close to residents (11:00pm Monday through Thursday and 12:00am Friday and Saturday);

Whereas, this application is directly next door to Bar Charley, which has exterior hours of 11:00pm/12:00am and was the subject of a recent protest and good-faith Settlement Agreement negotiation when it sought a substantial change to extend interior hours to 2:00am/3:00am;

Whereas, the ANC is concerned with treating applicants fairly and consistently, and it would be unfair to Bar Charley to support or take no action on an application at an abutting address with later exterior hours, later interior service hours, and later closing hours;

Whereas, the ANC has additional concerns about the Saloon 45 application which were not present in the Bar Charley application, including the lack of history as an operator, a CT (tavern) license rather than a CR (restaurant) license with a minimum food sales requirement, and no kitchen;

Whereas, there is substantial concern among neighbors about the loss of retail in this corridor (18th Street NW from S Street NW up to U Street NW) to liquor-serving establishments;

Whereas, parking issues are a major concern in this part of the neighborhood, with heavy parking pressures from existing establishments, retail, and residents and their guests;

Therefore, be it resolved that ANC 2B protests this license application on the grounds of peace, order, and quiet, and parking concerns;

Be it further resolved that Commissioners Will Stephens and Mike Feldstein, with Commissioner Noah Smith as a back-up, are the Commission’s designated representatives for this matter.


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