Further update on Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool

This is an update to two prior posts on the Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool application (here and here).

The ANC did indeed pass a resolution of protest (available here), in order to facilitate a discussion among all the parties and neighbors that worked together on the original 2011 Voluntary Agreement.

Parties to the existing Voluntary Agreement, representatives from a group of 5 or more protesting the current “substantial change” request, and the ANC met with owner David von Storch from Vida Fitness last night.  We discussed the application, including possible limitations on live music, line queuing, and how the sound system could be regulated with a DJ.   The group is going to share bullet points from this discussion that will make up the seeds of a “Settlement Agreement” to complement the existing Voluntary Agreement.

Stay tuned for additional information.


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