2B08 winners in the Washington CityPaper 2014 “Best of DC” issue!

For one little single member district in the whole city, our area (2B08) has an uncanny number of the best places in town — as reflected in the Washington CityPaper’s annual “Best of DC” issue and readers poll.  Below is a list of all the 2B08 places that won or placed in the 2014 “Best of DC” issue.  Just further confirmation that we live in an awesome area.  Special kudos to Local 16 for winning or placing in 4 different categories(!).

  • Best Hangover Breakfast (runner-up): Local 16
  • Best Hookah Lounge: Chi Cha Lounge
  • Best Margarita (runner-up): Lauriol Plaza
  • Best Neighborhood Brunch: Local 16
  • Best Rooftop Bar (runner-up): Local 16
  • Best Singles Bar: Local 16
  • Best Doggie Day Care: CityDogs
  • Best Gym (runner-up): Vida Fitness
  • Best Hair Salon (runner-up): Bang Salon
  • Best Public Wi-Fi: Starbucks
  • Best Therapeutic Massage: Unwind Wellness Center
  • Best Proposed Circulator Expansion (Staff Pick): Abe’s to Ben’s route
  • Best Neighborhood for Dining: U Street (runner-up)
  • Best Neighborhood for Night Life: U Street

For a full list of Dupont-area winners, check out this longer ANC 2B blog posting here:



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