Update on Vida Fitness / Penthouse Pool

In anticipation of the ANC meeting later this week, owner David von Storch from Vida Fitness shared some materials with the ANC and neighbors related to Vida’s new request for “substantial change” to the existing liquor license to the “Penthouse Pool” on the roof.  More details about the new request are available in my prior post (here).

David shared the following materials:

As mentioned in my prior posting, my proposal will be to protest this substantial request.  Here is a draft of the resolution that I will propose to the ANC:

Penthouse Pool – Vida Fitness Substantial Change Application

Whereas the original license application for the Penthouse Pool / Vida Fitness rooftop bar involved a lengthy, multi-party negotiation of a Voluntary Agreement;

Whereas entertainment was not envisioned in the original application or negotiations;

Whereas the current application involves entertainment, including in the outdoor space, in addition to expansion into a fourth floor indoor space;

Whereas the ANC has received numerous concerns from abutting and nearby neighbors regarding the potential for noise and other disturbance as a result of the substantial change request;

Therefore be it resolved that ANC 2B protests the request on the basis of peace, order, and quiet concerns, subject to the successful negotiation of a revised voluntary agreement / settlement agreement;

Be it further resolved that it is the Commission’s intention to facilitate discussion among all the relevant stakeholders to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement;

Be it further resolved that Commissioners Will Stephens (2B08), Noah Smith (2B09), and Mike Feldstein (2B01) are the Commission’s designated representatives on this matter.

Comments and feedback welcome — thank you!  As a reminder, our meeting will be Wednesday at the Brookings Institution (1775 Mass Ave NW).



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