Additional update on Lauriol Plaza valet parking – DDOT Public Space hearing 2/28/13

The valet parking permit application by Lauriol Plaza — discussed in prior posts here, here, and here — will be up for discussion at the DDOT Public Space Committee on February 28, 2013.  The DDOT Public Space Committee agenda is here.  I plan to testify as to the ANC’s support for the valet parking permit, which includes:

  • 5 spots on 18th Street for patrons to drop off cars;
  • Permit hours 11am to 12am;
  • Valets driving cars to the T Street lot;
  • Patrons picking up their cars at the T Street lot; and
  • Patrons being directed to the overflow lot at 18th & California when the T Street lot is full.

The ANC voted to support the application by a unanimous vote of 8-0 at Wednesday night’s ANC meeting.



One thought on “Additional update on Lauriol Plaza valet parking – DDOT Public Space hearing 2/28/13

  1. Will and commissioners,

    thank you all very much for putting your time and effort into this, and congratulations on getting 5 valet parking spaces approved for Lauriol Plaza.
    LP Management has promised neighbors across the street from the parking lot that they’ll plant trees to shield the lot as soon as weather permits.

    This is an example that cooperation between a restaurant and neighbors can work in a changing environment-

    Maria L. Haber

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