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New liquor license application: Saloon 45

There is a new liquor license application in our Single Member District (2B08), at the site of Sandy’s Flowers (corner of 18th and Swann). The CityPaper blurb on this new application is here, and the Prince of Petworth write-up is here. Enclosed here is the official application notice and information from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory … Continue reading

Bar Charley comments received by email

Stakeholders have asked about the comments I received regarding Bar Charley’s request for extended hours.  To help synthesize and order them, I put together a short document with excerpts from each comment I received and where the resident lives in proximity to Bar Charley.  I split the comments out by pro/con (or compromise), as well … Continue reading

Chi Cha Lounge up for license renewal

We are nearing the tail end of what is known as the “three-year renewal cycle” for liquor-licensed establishments like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores.   The Alcoholic Beverage Control (“ABC”) Board will be considering renewals of CT licenses (taverns) and CN licenses (nightclubs) in November and December.  The other main types of licenses, CR … Continue reading