Update on Local 16 Voluntary Agreement / Settlement Agreement discussions

As mentioned in a prior post (available here), Local 16 has asked to amend their 2 existing Voluntary Agreements with the ANC into 1 new Settlement Agreement.  The ANC voted to authorize these discussions at our May 2014 meeting.

Commissioner Noah Smith (representing 2B09, across New Hampshire Ave from Local 16) and I had a publicly-noticed meeting with Local 16 owner Aman in mid-May.  In addition to simply combining the agreement into one document, Local 16 seeks three changes: (1) including live music in the existing entertainment endorsement; (2) extending the time a DJ is allowed to perform (on the second floor interior only); and (3) explicitly pre-authorizing the holiday hours extensions that are allowed under current ABRA laws (rather than needing to file a separate, specific approval from ABRA each time).

We will be working up a draft combined VA to negotiate with Local 16, and the goal will be to have it ready for final ANC review at either our July or August 2014 ANC meeting.


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