New Map for Single Member District Boundaries

We have a new map from the Office of ANCs for our redistricted Single Member District (SMD) boundaries in Dupont Circle.

Here is a link to the ANC News item about this, and to the map itself:

The only change to our 2B08 SMD is that the T Street “people park” will no longer be in our district.  You might wonder why moving a park with no residences could be a part of redistricting.  We learned during our redistricting working group processes last Fall that when the Census Bureau identifies homeless population, they attempt to mark that population in the nearest census block that is a public park (or similar non-residential block).  Therefore, the census showed over 100 people in the T Street park. (Similarly, the census showed over 300 people living in Dupont Circle.)

SMD 2B09, on the other side of New Hampshire, had total population under the target 1900-2100 range for SMDs, so we recommended moving the T Street park census block in order to make up for the shortfall.  The Council accepted that recommendation.


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