ANC 2B mid-year retreat survey

The last several years, the Dupont ANC has had one or two “retreats” each year — the purpose of which is to take a step back and think about goal-setting, objectives, strategic planning, organizational development, and how we work together as Commissioners.

In past retreats, we have talked about workload management, improving public outreach, projects and issues where we’d like to focus, and what makes us happy to serve as Commissioners, among other things.

For our upcoming mid-year retreat (to take place in August), and based on the kinds of discussions we have had at past retreats, I created a SurveyMonkey survey for Commissioners and staff to fill out and submit.  I thought others might be interested in taking a look.  A PDF version of the survey is here.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them with me – thanks!


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