Tuesday 3/4/14: Gourmet pizza fundraiser for Jack Evans

DistrictofPi-StoreFrontI’ll be co-hosting a fundraiser early this Tuesday evening for Jack Evans’ mayoral campaign at District of Pi in Chinatown.  The full invitation information is below.  If you can make it, please let me know.


Join us for a special event next week to support Jack Evans for Mayor!  This will be a great opportunity to talk with Jack in a small-group setting about your priorities for the city.  Gourmet pizza and drinks to be provided by District of Pi pizzeria.

When: This Tuesday, March 4th, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: District of Pi, 910 F Street NW.

Co-hosts: MaryEva Candon, Mike Feldstein, Andrew Huff, Daniel Kramer, Will Stephens

Suggested Donation: $100

**If you cannot come to the event in person, we ask you to please donate $50 to the campaign and let us know**

Ways to give online:
Directly through Jack’s website: http://jackevansfordc.com/
Tweet donations through Givver: https://givver.com/evans-for-mayor

RSVP:  RSVP online at http://jackevansfordc.com/pi (preferred) or email Will Stephens (willstephensanc2b08@gmail.com)


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