Vote for Dupont-area places in the CityPaper readers poll

The ANC’s news/blog encourages everyone in the neighborhood to please vote for Dupont-area places in the Washington CityPaper’s “Best of DC” readers poll:

In particular, vote for places in our Single Member District (2B08), such as:

  • Lauriol Plaza – best margaritas
  • The Regent – best Thai food
  • Zabb or Local 16 – best rooftop
  • Red Onion – best record/vinyl shop
  • Doggie Style – best pet store
  • Plum Blossom – best sushi
  • Cocova – best chocolate
  • BaseCamp – best eco-friendly store
  • Stetson’s – best dive bar
  • Chi Cha Lounge – best hookah bar
  • Vida Fitness – best fitness center/gym
  • CityDogs – best doggie day care

…and I am sure there are many more you could choose.  Our neighborhood has so many cool places.  Let’s vote for them!


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