Swamp Oak Damage at T Street Park

Please be careful around the north side of the T Street “people park,” especially if you are using the Capital BikeShare!  As you may have seen, a giant limb from our more than century-old Swamp Oak tree came down a few days ago, and the sidewalk is totally blocked.

The Urban Forestry Administration (UFA), a part of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), has been alerted, and the downed limb is going to be chopped up and disposed.

Unfortunately, the limb also knocked two of the sidewalk street trees hard, and they may also need to be removed.  (he red-orange dot on a tree means it has been marked by UFA for removal.

Some of you may remember that in June 2008 we celebrated the Swamp Oak with a summer party, before the Department of Parks and Recreation began renovations of the S & T Street parks.  Some brave neighbors even tried the mysterious “Swamp Oak” beverage.  The T Street park was designed to protect the Swamp Oak, which is why most of the park is fenced off.


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