Dupont ANC Annual Report (for FY 2011)

One of the jobs of the ANC Chair is to draft the annual report to present to the D.C. Council.  The annual report is, at minimum, a document to show what the ANC did and where it spent its funding allocation.  Starting last year (FY 2010), we decided to make the annual report a more multi-purpose document that could be shared with Council, other ANCs, community members, new residents, and others to provide a description of what the ANC is, who served that year, and key activities in all the various issues we deal with — including liquor licensing, zoning, historic preservation, transportation planning, public safety, and more.

Here is the new FY 2011 annual report, which the ANC approved on April 18, 2012.  I hope it will give you a sense of the work we did last year.


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